CÁDO MOTUS Argon Frames Black

CADOMOTUS Chasis Argon Negro


Pair of Chassis Argon Black 4 x 84mm by Cádo motus

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The Cádo Motus Argon frame in 7005 aluminum, and unbeatable at the right price. Designed to bring maximum value for minimal expense, it’s the new standard for growing skaters - a simple, straight forward four-wheel set-up, this is the same chassis design in higher-end frames, with the quality you expect to pay many-times more for.  Durable and dependable skate that will carry your skater through their formative years, putting the highest priority on skater development and accessibility to top quality gear.


- Material: 7005 aluminum

- Compatibility: 10.00 ": 150mm - 165mm, 11.00": 150mm - 165mm and 12.00 ": 165mm - 195mm

- Length: 10.00 ", 11.00" or 12.00 "

- Configuration: 10.00 ": 4x84mm, 11.00": 4x90mm and 12.00 ": 4x100mm

- Includes screws but does not include spacers

- Available in three colors: Black, Blue and Red

- Includes Pair of frames and Screws

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