CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx

CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx
CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx
CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx
CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx
CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx
CÁDO MOTUS Speedsuit Onyx


Onyx Short Sleeve Speed Skating Suit by Cádo motus



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The colorful and vibrant suit was designed with the input from Colombian world team skaters, expressing the South American culture and their love of colors. The word onyx itself means a semiprecious variety of agate (a gemstone) with different colors in layers and this suit is the perfect representation of that. The design starts out with a black base color which stands for power and strength. Layered on top are multicolored geometric shapes which are shades of red, blue, and orange. Red is the color of fire, and it is associated with energy, determination, and passion. Blue symbolizes depth, stability, and confidence. And orange is related to joy, enthusiasm, and success.

Not only will the color design of Onyx speed suit feel fresh and fashionable but the materials and how its made will feel incredible as well. The quality of fabrics are top of the line feeling breathable, aerodynamic, and durable.


- Polyester (86%)

- Elastane (14%)


- Breathable

- Color scheme on black

- With reinforced seams

- Zip closure on the back with strap to pull up

- Termination with non-slip rubber on sleeves and pants

- Sizes: S (60cm waist without stretching fabric), M (64cm waist without stretching fabric)


* Image may not correspond exactly.

* EXPERT RECOMMENDATION: This Cádomotus suit gives less size, so we recommend choosing up to one size more than normal. When closing at the back you will have to hold the base of the zipper and pull the tape up,if you don't hold the zipper by the base with the other hand, you can force the seams and tear the material.

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