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FR Calcetines Nano Sport Negro
FR Calcetines Nano Sport Negro


Technical Socks for Skating by FR Skates



Talla 36 - 38
Talla 39 - 41
Talla 42 - 44
Talla 45 - 47
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FR Skates presents its new Nano Sport technical socks specially designed for skating. Thanks to its nanotechnology, they allow a perfect fit to the foot while dissipating heat and avoiding friction for a greater degree of comfort.

Composition: 65% Polyamide - Nylon, 26% Polyamide - Skinlife, 7% Polyamide - Nanoglide, 2% Elastane


- Durable material, designed from the inside to the outside

- Eliminates heat, moisture, friction and abrasion: less skin irritation, less heat accumulation and more comfort

- As you sweat, millions of PTFE microchannels evaporate at maximum speed and keep it cool and dry

- Fresh skin

Available in 4 sizes: 36 to 38 , 39 to 41, 42 to 44 and 45 to 47. Choose your size from the top drop-down.

* RECOMMENDATION OF THE EXPERT: Remember that these socks have left and right, try to put them correctly to take advantage of all their technical qualities.

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