G-FORM Elbow Pads Pro X Black 2019

G-FORM Elbow Pads Pro X Black 2019


Pair of Elbow Pads Protection Pro X Black by G-FORM



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G-Form Pro-X protections provide the same benefits as the old ones, but are made of higher quality materials. They are also more flexible, lightweight and breathable, and adapt perfectly to the joints. In short, they improve protection without compromising the movement of the athlete, making it appear that he is not wearing anything.

Includes G-Form RPT protection technology. It hardens when hit and absorbs up to 94% of the impact force.


- Sport type: Skate / Longboard, Bike, Soccer, Snowboard / Ski, Roller Derby, Multi Sport, Action Sports

- Pro-X line: improved quality and comfort

- Light and flexible design

- Fits the arm and elbow like a second skin

- Allows total mobility

- Breathable and machine washable

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