KIZER UFS Frames Slim Line II Black

KIZER Guias Slim Line II 2011


Pair of Aggressive Frames Slim Line II Flat 4x60mm by Kizer

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The Kizer Slim Line II  have been designed to become one of the references of flat setups. This type of setup is very suitable for several reasons, for example it gives you more speed, control and durability of the wheel. The frames of the Slim Line range has an H-Block larger than normal to be able to skate both flat and with anti rocker, and reduces its thickness in the center of it giving it more lightness and robustness in the block.


- UFS (Universal system for aggressive skates) flat without heel lift

- Flat: Maximum 60mm wheels

- Color: Black

- Available in sizes (measured from the center of the front wheel screw to the center of the rear screw): Small 38/40 - 243mm, Medium 41/44 - 258mm

- Includes Pair of frames and Screws

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