MPC Wheel Freestyle 72mm XFirm (Bullet Radius)

MPC Wheel Freestyle 72mm XFirm (Bullet Radius)
MPC Wheel Freestyle 72mm XFirm (Bullet Radius)
MPC Wheel Freestyle 72mm XFirm (Bullet Radius)


One Wheel Freestyle 72mm XFirm (Bullet Radius) by MPC

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The MPC Freestyle Wheel is a high-tech solution for advanced freestyle slalom skaters, made in the United States by the prestigious MPC brand, manufacturer of speed skating wheels. This time, however, with the collaboration of the famous French freestyle slalom skater Sebastien Laffargue, they decided to use his technologies and patents to create exceptional freestyle slalom wheels.

Just take a look at the wheels to see that they are unique, not only because of its design and colors, also the unusual core or lack of it. This allows the wheels to be made almost entirely of polyurethane and means that the user obtains a large amount of material giveing extra time before they wear out. This solution can often be found on aggressive skating wheels.

The MPC Freestyle wheels are X-FIRM, so they will behave better on hard, dry and uniform surfaces: the same type that is preferable for freestyle slalom workouts. This hardness range is comparable with the classic hardness 84-86A.

Each wheel comes with an interesting print that includes the autograph of Sebastien Laffargue, enjoy them!


- Material: High quality polyurethane

- Color: Fluor Yellow

- Core: Reduced and hidden

- Hardness: X-FIRM 84A - 86A

- Profile: Bullet Radius (Sharp)

- Available in 3 sizes: 80mm, 76mm and 72mm

- Price per unit

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