OMEN Sugarkick Bamboo

OMEN Sugarkick Bamboo
OMEN Sugarkick Bamboo
OMEN Sugarkick Bamboo


Freestyle Freeride Longoard Deck Sugarkick Bamboo 39" by Omen

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The Sugarkick is one of the most versatile models of the Omen brand. With symmetrical shape and powerful kicktails, perfect for street maneuvers and freestyle trickling. Its rocker, combined with the medium-high radial concave position your feet for freeride sessions and high speeds, topped with wheel flares and different wheelbase options to customize it to your liking. Last but not least, we highlight its bamboo construction, using Tsunami Tech Construction technology, which makes the board light, rigid and very durable.

Deck: 39 "x 9.5"

Wheelbase: 24.5 "- 26"

Construction: Bamboo

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