ORANGATANG Fat Free 65mm 86a

Orangatang Fat Free


Pack of 4 Longboard Wheels Fat Free 86a Yellow by Orangatang

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If you’re ready to lean out your diet, the Orangatang Fat Free is the key to maintaining your board’s cardiovascular health and freeride/freestyle figure.

The smallest member of Loaded's offset freeride lineup (which includes the 75mm Durian and 70mm Stimulus), the Fat Free is right at home on your favorite mini or double-kick. Its compact size keeps your setup lightweight and flickable. Rounded lips make sliding a breeze, and the offset bearing seat complements narrower trucks perfectly to maintain easy initiation and gentle hookup. The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box.

The Fat Free is poured in our proprietary Happy Thane formula for high roll speed, plush feel, and smooth, predictable drifts.




  • Riding Style: Cruising/Carving, Freeride, Freestyle, Cruiser
  • Core: Off Set
  • Lip profile: Rounded
  • Size: 65mm
    • Contact Patch: 37mm
    • Width: 45mm
    • Durometer:  86a
    • Color:Yellow



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