Junior Freeskates Cyclone G Black / Pink by Rollerblade



Talla 31 - 33
Talla 35 - 36.5
Talla 38 - 39
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Cyclone is a great skate for kids who want a molded skate that is tough, maneuverable and fast. This skate is different because it provides a type of experience and performance that traditional skates cannot. Cyclone is adjustable two sizes with extra padding in the liner. The skate is shipped in the smaller size and if the child needs more room, simply remove the "Size Adjuster" in the liner's toe to create the extra room. This design system allows for true performance and fit. Bigger wheels and better bearings add speed. This is an ultra responsive, cool and versatile skate that kids will enjoy using. Brake is on the skate.

- BEST KIDS MOLDED SHELL The Cyclone is perfect for the kid who wants to experience molded boots and explore new styles of rolling anywhere and everywhere in this extremely versatile and durable skate.
- SIZE ADJUSTABLE liner in the molded shell provides exceptional support, is vented for breathability and has additional protection from the lateral slider plate. Available in three size ranges (31-33,  35-36.5 and  38-39). Select yours in the top drop-down.
- COMFORTABLE HIGH PERFORMANCE LINER additional shock absorber in the heel adds great cushioning with vibration dampening for skating around or jumping obstacles. Buckle, power strap and lace closure.
- DURABLE EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME 231mm/9.1" is rigid, stable and has a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with speed and maneuverability.
- ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS 76mm/80A wheels are paired with SG5 bearings for a faster, smooth roll with extra speed to make the ride a little more exciting.

- Brake mounted

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