ROLLERBLADE Spitfire SL Black/Lime

ROLLERBLADE Spitfire SL Black/Lime


Kids Adjustable Skates Spitfire SL Black/Lime by ROLLERBLADE



Talla 28 - 32
Talla 33 - 36.5
Talla 36.5 - 40.5
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21.00% VAT included

Rollerblade makes the best adjustable inline skates. Spitfire SL is adjustable 4 full sizes and grows with the child's feet. The adjustment system is easy to use and works with the push of a button and aligning the toe box to the correct size. The Spitfire structure provides the ideal height and center of gravity for children to improve the stability, balance and control. The Junior Fit liners are very comfortable and the wheel bearing combination are perfect for kids to get started with the right amount of speed. The buckle and dual velcro lace closure system make getting the skates on and off easier for kids. Having a positive first experience on Spitfire SL skates will increase the chances kids will continue to skate, create a life long activity, stay active and improve fitness abilities while having fun. Brake is included and mounted on the skate.


- BEST KIDS INLINE SKATE FOR ANY LEVEL Spitfire SL is an ideal skate for kids just starting out but also great for kids that have an older skate, looking for a better quality product to upgrade to.
- KIDS ADJUSTABLE 4 SIZES Spitfire shell is sleek and streamlined to correctly position kids in the skate so every stride and session is optimized for skating with proper balance, control and support.
- COMFORT KIDS LOVE, EASY LACELESS CLOSURE Junior Fit liner makes this skate so comfortable that kids may not want to take them off. Superior padding for a superior product.
- DURABLE INTEGRATED FRAME is combined with the shell to get kids closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity. It also provides a lot of durability to withstand a young skaters skate habits.
- ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS 72mm/80A wheels are paired with SG3 bearings for a lasting, smooth roll with just the right amount of speed to keep the roll a little safer but still exciting

Extensible 4 sizes

- 28 to 32

- 33 to 36.5

- 36.5 to 40.5

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