S ONE Helmet Lifer Visor Gen 2 White Gloss

S ONE Helmet Lifer Visor Gen 2 White Gloss


Helmet Lifer Visor Gen 2 White Gloss by S ONE



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The Lifer Visor Gen 2 helmet has been completely re-designed to ensure a better experience. It is one of the few helmets with several certificates for different types of impacts and is especially used for roller derby and any action sport where you need to protect your eyes and nose. The second generation of the helmet comes with a carrying bag, a fiber cloth for cleaning the visor, screws and a set of foams to vary the depth of the helmet and its adjustment to the head.


- ASTM 1492 Certificate of multiple low force strokes

- CPSC 1203 Single strong hit certificate

- CE EN 1078 European Impact Certificate

- AUS / NZS 2063: 2008 Australian / New Zealand Impact Certificate

Viewer Specifications:

- Made of special polycarbonate that prevents the viewfinder from crushing in the event of a strong impact

- Optically correct lens

- Anti-scratch layer on the outside of the viewfinder that helps prevent scratches and nicks

- Viewfinder replacement system


- Three sizes available: S, M and L

- To find out your size, measure the head from the center of the forehead in a circle and what is closest to:

S: 53.3cm - M: 54.6cm - L: 55.9cm

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