SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet

SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet
SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet
SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet
SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet
SPIUK In-Gravity Helmet


Dharma In-Gravity Helmet for Skating and Cycling by Spiuk



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Spiuk helmet has unbeatable qualities, taking a step forward in the four basic pillars of a helmet aimed at high competition. Starting with safety, where the inclusion of SUPERCAGE provides a plus of solidity, and following with its comfort, its lightness and its extraordinary ventilation, aspects that make DHARMA a leading product and with the unequivocal aesthetic personality of SPIUK.


- In-mold multi-shell helmet
- SUPERCAGE front reinforcement in polypropylene and ABS
- Internal reinforcement structure in polyamide
- CONE-HEAD technology. Two EPS densities
- Excellent ventilation. 20 large openings
- SPIUK exclusive interior shape
- W-PRECISION X1 rear adjustment with three-way neck angle adjustment
- Ultralight high security straps
- Interchangeable insect pads and net
- Detachable visor
- Includes aerodynamic enclosed housing
- Includes microfiber protective case

- This helmet complies with CE-1078-ES

Available in 2 sizes (choose your size from the top drop down):
- S / M - 51cm - 56cm. (Weight 235 g)
- M / L - 53cm - 61cm. (Weight 250 g)


- Double Pads Kit: Helmet that includes two sets of inner pads, on the one hand that provide lightness and ventilation and another one with a net that provides security against possible insect bites and greater comfort

- Quick Divider: Side guide for belts with quick adjustment system

- In-Mold: Manufacturing system that welds the rigid outer shell with the inner damping element (EPS), which provides the security of non-separation between both parties in the event of an accident

- Multi-Shell: Multiple outer shell system that provides greater impact safety and better aging by protecting the internal material (EPS) from small impacts in daily use

- Conehead: Technology that allows the injection of two foam densities in the helmets, so that the high density is placed on the outside to withstand the impact and the low density, softer and padded, is placed on the inside, in contact with the head, to dampen the sudden deceleration caused by the blow

- Aerodynamic Closed Shell: Rigid and removable enclosed housing that improves aerodynamic performance. It also serves as effective protection against rain and cold

- W-Fit 80: Helmet roulette rear retention system that provides great safety, comfort and lightness

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