CHAYA Frenos Toe Stops Short Natural

CHAYA Frenos Toe Stops Short Natural


Pair of Beige Short Quad Brakes by Chaya

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Chaya Toe Stops are made of high quality materials, a combination of natural rubber to increase rebound and long-lasting synthetic components resistant to abrasion of the floor. The flat head with its wide surface area (48mm in diameter) provides stability and a predictable bite necessary for acceleration and rapid stops. Chaya brakes do not leave marks on the ground and work very well on all types of surfaces, such as wood, sports field, exterior flooring or asphalt.

They are designed for performance at all levels!


- Material: Natural and synthetic rubber

- Thread: Hollow aluminum

- Measurement: Short

- Flat head

- Head diameter: 48mm

- 2 brakes pack

- Available in other colors and sizes with other references on this website

* EXPERT RECOMMENDATION: Chaya's brakes come in two formats, the Long (long) that are standard and the Short (short) that is usually for Roller Derby skates.

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