CREMA Sliding Pucks Fire

'CREMA Pucks Fire


Pair of Sparkling Sliding pucks Replacement for Longboard gloves by Crema

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The Pucks "CREMA FIRE" by Ridersfly, are made with a composition of resins and fibers that give them a hardness similar to that of aluminum. Added some metal bars that when placing your hand on the floor to perform a slide, produces sparks! And at the same time providing an even smoother slide and extending the life of the puck to almost double. What more could a puck be asked for?

- Rounded edges that prevent the profile of the Puck from snagging on the asphalt.
- Almost twice the durability of a conventional CREAM Puck.
- Very fine and progressive slide.
- More precision when making any slide.
- No residue left on the edge of the puck.
- We always get a smooth surface.
- And obviously…They sparkle !!!!

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