YOW Surfskate System V.4

YOW Sistema Surfskate V4
YOW Sistema Surfskate V4
YOW Sistema Surfskate
YOW Surfskate System V.4


Surfskate System V.4 by YOW

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With the new patented Yow V4 System, you can transform your cruiser into a surfskate. You will only have to adjust this system to the front axle with the components included in the pack. With a simple screw you can block the turn to continue using it as a conventional cruiser.

Surf the asphalt whenever and wherever!


- Swing system with 5mm spring (recommended for people over 50 kg.)

- 28mm riser

- locking screw

- Allen screws and wrench

* RECOMMENDATION OF THE EXPERT: You have to make sure all the screws are well tight whenever you skate, because the system can suffer damages caused by vibrations of loose screws, always takes the adjustment keys, to tighten the whole system well when you notice something loose.

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